Promoting the sport of pigeon racing in San Diego County

Thanksgiving Week

During Thanksgiving week we are proud to host “The Best Week” in racing in the country. We are surrounded by 3 of the best One Loft Races, with all three races having their main (final race) during the same week.

The San Diego Classic is run by Steve Miner the president of the San Diego Club and is located next to the San Diego Club House. The San Diego Classic is one of the longest running one loft races in the country with the ability to hold 750 birds. During the main race you’ll find many club members helping around the loft to ensure every single visitor has a fantastic time.

The California Classic is hosted by John Timmerman an active flyer in our club since his early 20s. John has slowly built his race over the years into one of the elite races in the county with over 750 birds going to the final race. The California Classic is located in Jumal, just a 20 minute drive from our club house.

The San Diego Triple Crown is run by Ron Steinbrenner who has retired from active racing some years back. Racing in San Diego since 1966, He reached the top in the 1990’s  winning Championship Loft eight years straight. Ron’s race is located just 10 minutes down the freeway for our club house.

If you love the sport and are looking for a race to send your birds well look no further then San Diego County. Spend the week in the beautiful San Diego with temps in the mid 70s during the week, and joying a week full of pigeons and memories.